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Ocean energy company looks to scale up operations in Caribbean islands

Ocean energy company looks to scale up operations in Caribbean islands

1 November 2017, NEW YORK – Bluerise, a company previously featured on the SIDS Global Business Network, has been actively developing cutting edge energy technology to harness the ocean’s power. It started its initial technology development in 2012 and is now working to scale up operations in the Caribbean to build its first sustainable energy project based on ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC).

Currently crowdfunding through Symbid, Bluerise reached 100% of its goal within the first two days of the company’s public launch.  It has now moved to open its crowdfunding campaign to an overfunding goal of €500,000 which will enable it to accelerate development of two projects in the Caribbean islands of Curaçao and Jamaica.  The opportunity to invest with Bluerise remains open with another 17 days left in its crowdfunding.

Given that the ocean covers some 70% of the planet, it is effectively the largest solar collector. Bluerise’s OTEC technology (see video below) taps into the temperature difference between the surface and the deep ocean to produce electricity but also cooling.  This temperature difference exists year-round, day and night and in theory should allow OTEC technology to effectively compete with other sustainable energy sources such as wind and solar.  With approximately 1 billion people around the world living near the coast, OTEC is a promising technology with global reach.

Since incorporation in 2010, Bluerise has worked on market development with the start of different projects, as well as developing its technology. Some of the company’s achievements include: agreements for the joint development and operation of the world’s largest combined Seawater District Cooling systems and OTEC power plants in the Caribbean, Latin America and Asia. Bluerise has also signed a Joint Venture agreement with partner New Leaf Power for the development and construction of a Seawater District Cooling servicing the Jamaica Montego Bay Freeport Area.


Feature Photo: steviep187 Flickr CC
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