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2018 SIDS Global Business Network Forum – Mauritius

2018 SIDS Global Business Network Forum – Mauritius

UN-OHRLLS together with the Government of Mauritius are convening the SIDS Global Business Network (SIDS-GBN) Forum from 21-22 May 2018, in Balaclava, Mauritius. This will be the third in a series of SIDS private sector partnership fora launched by UN-OHRLLS and its partners. The SIDS-GBN was announced in 2014 at the first forum, which OHRLLS co-organised with Government of Samoa and the Samoa Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States, in Apia, Samoa.

The 2018 Forum will be held under the overarching theme of “Strengthening private sector partnerships for sustainable tourism development”. The link between sustainable tourism and the achievement of the SDGs is a straightforward one for SIDS.

Objectives of the SIDS-GBN Forums

The SIDS-GBN fora provide a platform to promote a multi-stakeholder network in forging private sector partnerships that support the objectives of the SAMOA Pathway, the dedicated programme of action for small island developing States (SIDS) and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in SIDS. The fora brings together the private sector, governments, UN system, research institutions and other major actors working to promote sustainable development in SIDS. Likewise, the fora facilitate the exchange of best practices and lessons learned; strengthen efforts by all stakeholders; attract greater interest and investment to SIDS and increase the engagement of the private sector in promoting sustainable development in SIDS.

The 2018 Forum aims to provide:

  • A platform for existing and new members of the SIDS Global Business Network to meet and exchange best practices and for building partnerships for sustainable tourism development in SIDS,
  • Provide substantive inputs to the AIMS regional preparatory meeting for the SAMOA Pathway mid-term review as well as the inter-regional meeting,
  • Facilitate an open dialogue and sharing of experiences among governments, private sector, civil society and other stakeholders on addressing challenges and promoting opportunities for sustainability of the tourism industry in SIDS,
  • Dedicated sessions on connectivity, renewable energy, sustainable oceans, climate change and resilience building and other cross-cutting thematic areas in the context of promoting sustainable tourism development in SIDS,
  • Advocate for continued momentum on promoting the theme of the third International Conference on SIDS which is “the sustained development of SIDS through genuine and durable partnerships” and recognise the role of partnerships as critical for the implementation of the sustained development in SIDS

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Featured Photo: Adrien Vincart Flickr CC
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