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Pacific Island Company Brings Tech Solutions to Local Development

Pacific Island Company Brings Tech Solutions to Local Development

15 February 2019

NEW YORK – An insufficient resource base, a limited capacity of resilience to disasters, high costs of communication, energy and transportation as well as fragile natural environments are all posing significant challenges for small island developing States. Solutions can be found with the help of innovative technologies that enable efficiency and ease in addressing the risks.  

Among the companies providing technology solutions to development challenges faced by island nations is SkyEye Pacific – an information technology company based in the Pacific Islands. The hightech company aims to deliver a positive social impact by providing technological solutions to social, economic and climate change risks in Pacific island communities. Established in 2013, SkyEye Pacific is owned and operated in Samoa, Vanuatu and Solomon Islands by local entrepreneurs. The company offers advanced technological services such as vehicle tracking and remote sensing through unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

The company’s drone technology has been used in Samoa to forecast production of virgin coconut oil, bringing ease and efficiency to data collection processes. In the Solomon Islands, it helped to capture and measure land area suitable for organic cultivation. Through a single drone flight, the company’s technology can produce detailed geographical imagery for various purposes such as surveying as well as measuring and modelling large areas of land.

The produced data and images are seen as more accurate and accessible for governments and island communities than that of commercial satellites. It is also a means to increasing national capacity in climate disaster management, flood modelling, agriculture, construction activities and urban planning. Moreover, the company’s technology can also be deployed to map the extent of deforestation, flood evacuation zones and measuring sea level rise.

Another transformational tool of the SkyEye Pacific is a vehicle tracking system (VTrack). The technology has been used to help businesses plan more efficient transport routes and improving fleet fuel economy. Furthermore, one of the features of this system is a driver speed monitoring setting that can deliver real-time alerts of over speed reports. Thus, it has the capacity to make a visible impact on driver behaviour and reduce road accident numbers. SkyEye Pacific’s suite of tools are accessible on any device whether it is a desktop computer or mobile phone.

The company is contributing to bringing the latest technologies to small and medium enterprises in the Pacific region and is an example of local entrepreneurship building innovative solutions to address local development challenges.

To learn more about Skyeye Pacific, visit their website: www.skyeyepacific.com

Feature Photo: Chris Goldberg Flickr  
CC BY-NC 2.0

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