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SIDS Action Platform

SIDS Action Platform


SIDS Action Platform

The SIDS Action Platform administered by the UN Department for Economic and Social Affairs’ Division for Sustainable Development was developed to support follow up to the 2014 Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States, held from 1 – 4 September in Apia, Samoa.  The Conference re-focused the world’s attention on a group of countries that remains a special case for sustainable development given their unique and particular vulnerabilities.

The SIDS Action Platform includes information on: the Partnerships Platform – containing 300 partnerships which were registered towards the SIDS Conference, Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform and the UN Implementation Matrix – on the UN’s collective efforts in implementing the SAMOA Pathway (SIDS Conference outcome document).

The 300 partnerships contained in the Partnerships Platform also include private sector related partnerships; some 68 in total.  To learn more, visit: SIDS Action Platform and for partnerships in particular, including private sector partnerships, click here.

Photo Credit: UN-Photo, Martine Perret
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